SunJack 20w portable solar charger


SunJack 20W Portable Solar Charger  will assist you in any situation when you don’t have an access to a wall outlet nearby. The strongest portable power from SunJack will fully charge your devices no matter where you are. SunJack 20W weather-resistant solar charger is designed in California, USA and is backed by one year warranty.  SunJack 20W Portable Solar Charger  is equipped with two battery banks to keep your electric devices juiced up at all times even when the sun isn't shining. You can charge your phone, tablet, lights, camera, music player, or any other USB device. It is certainly the best solution for camping, hiking, traveling, and emergency kits. Every SunJack product offers a wall outlet charging speeds in direct sun, and can charge a smartphone in just 90 minutes. 20W + 2x8000mAh fast charge 2.0 batteries for the power user that is always on. Fully charges SunJack batteries in under 5 hours with direct sun, has enough power to charge 8 smartphones and other multiple devices. This portable solar charger is indeed very portable and incredibly useful, weighing only 2.3 lbs (1kg). You can take it with you everywhere and have unlimited power for your electric devices, using only the natural strength of the sun. This particular model is the most recommended pick, because it not only is a high-end model, standing out both its siblings with better power and storage. Having this portable solar charger with two 8000mAh power banks means that you will be able to store huge amount of electricity, and also it is easier to handle the charger during operating. To be more concrete, 8000mAh battery can power up an iPhone around three times, meaning that you can use this  SunJack 20W Portable Solar Charger  to juice your handheld electric devices multiple times. Additionally, you can power up more than one device simultaneously due to its multiple outputs. Surprisingly, it can absorb a little bit of sunshine even in very cloudy days.
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  • 🌟Solar panels: 20 watts of high efficiency mono-crystalline
  • 🌟Max output voltage/current: One 5V/2A USB port
  • 🌟Battery: 2 x 8,000mAh lithium-polymer battery charges in - 5 hours
  • 🌟Unit Weight: 2.3 / 1 (lbs/kg)
  • 🌟Packaging Dimension:10.5"x 8.5'x 2"(27cm x 22cm x 5.1cm)
  • 🌟Charge a smartphone in just 90 minutes
  • 🌟Can charge 8 smartphones


  • ✔ SUNJACK 20 Watt Portable Solar Charger with dual 2 amp USB outputs
  • ✔ 2 SUNJACK Qualcomm 2.0 Quickcharge Battery Packs
  • ✔ 2 SUNJACK Fast-Charge Cables
  • ✔ SUNJACK Carabiners
  • ✔ Quickstart Guide